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New York Capital Region Commercial Properties


6+/- Acres on Route 9 (Westside) - $350,000.
(excluding Right-of-Way at rear of property for water access)

33+/- Acres on Route 9 (Eastside) - $750,000.
(includes 3+/- acres for future municipal water tower)

63+/- Acres on westside of U.S. Route 9 - 2,500,000.

100+/- Acres on westside of U.S. Route 9 - 2,750,000.

140+/- Acres on eastside and westside of U.S. Route 9 - 3,250,000.



Commercial Development Land

Located in the Capital Region of New York State and only 15 minutes from downtown Albany and Troy, this prime commercial development site is ideal for future shopping center, destination hotel-motel, retail center, office complex, medical facilities, trucking uses, distribution center, warehouse facilities, outlet mall, and almost any other commercial use. The entire 140+/- acre parcel has approximately 7,000 feet on frontage on U.S. Route 9 and Peacedale Road

A Vision

There are basically four potential purchase options for the Peacedale properties.  The prices on these options are flexible and depends on the developmental aspirations of the buyer.  A buyer that is inclined to develop the property in an accelerated fashion would be given concessions on the price, as the seller is anxious to encourage area development for the betterment of the community.

The First Option

The first option lies in the 63 acre core that includes the buildings with the buyers intentions to use these buildings in their present capacity.  Note:  The 4 bedroom home is fully furnished and ready to move in.   This option has approximately 5,200 lineal feet of municipal road frontage on Route 9 and Peacedale road.   The price of this option is listed with Gray Rider Realty for $2,500,000.  There is not much flexibility in this price as it only represents the core parcels with limited developmental potential.

The Second Option

The second option  will take the 63 acres core of the property with buildings and  add the  adjacent 37 acre parcel to the west  (listed separately by Gray Rider Realty) and produces a net usable high and dry 75 acre foot print.  This would leave approximately  a 25 acre area  in the back property for required green space as a 25 percent dedication is needed to satisfy developmental municipal demands.  In addition there are substantial quality gravel reserves on the rear properties to market and/or serve the needs of the development.  This interest would have an immediate need and use that could essentially bring in the wrecking ball and demolish most if not all of the current building structures.  This option would have a total of approximately 5,200 lineal feet of municipal road frontage, 1,800 ft. on Route 9 and approximately 3,400 ft. on Peacedale road that bisects the property on the west side of Route 9.  The price total of this option is $2,750,000 with limited flexibility in the price.

The Third Option

The third option would involve the 63 acre parcel on the west side of Route 9 and include the 33 acre parcel on the east side of Route 9.  This interest would be especially interested in the 33 acre parcel that includes the Towns designated water tower site that is one of the highest elevations in the Town of Schodack.  This water tower site would be especially valuable for high end uses, inventory security etc., and insurance rate considerations. Municipalities would most likely participate in this water asset.

In any type of a sale the reservation of this water tower site must be written in and constructed most likely by the municipality.   This issue can be discussed in more detail if the buyer would want to add the 33 acre parcel.  This option would pick up the added road frontage of the 33 acre parcel approximately 1,800 lineal feet on Route 9 and added on top of the approximately 5,200 feet  for a total of approximately 7,000 lineal feet.  The price total for the 63 acre and 33 acre parcels are $2,500,000 and $750,000 respectively.  A buyer for this package would indicate strong developmental intentions and would qualify for price consideration in the neighborhood of $3,000,000 for both packages.

The Fourth Option

The fourth and last option would be combining the 33 acre parcel with the core 63 acre parcel and buildings along with the 37 acre plus or minus parcel in the rear of the 63 acre parcel.  This combination would be a total of close to 140 acres and we believe would be the most attractive option price wise because it would bring the per acre price to close to 25 gs per acre,  an unprecedented per acre price for Interchange property.  In the purchase of this 140 acre parcel the approximately 7,000 lineal feet of road frontage would apply, where a major power line is constructed.  The price of this approximate 140 acre package with buildings would be $3,250,000.

Location at Exit 12 of I-90 and Exit B-1 of the New York State Thruway.

No citizen opposition - only 5 residential properties in the area.

Abundant Gravel reserves on site for development use.

13.2 kV three phase electrical service and fiber Optic cable available.

State, Rensselaer County and Town of Schodack government support.

Property is faily level with no hills to move.

Property consists of several possible combinations of building sites. Sellers will work with buyers to stagger purchsses of multiple sites.

Ideal for Distribution Center, Warehouse or Retail use.

High Visibility - long road frontage.

Several Income Structures currently on the property.

If more land is needed - adjoining 48 acre property may be made avsilable.

Located at last underdeveloped interstate exit ramp on I-90 in the Capital District area of New York State.

Click on the Link below to see a possible future development plan for the area:


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